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How to write a speech about saving energy

1. Definition of a speech

It  is  the  act  of  delivering  a  formal  spoken communication   to   an   audience.   A   speech usually  has  three  parts:  Introduction,  Body and Conclusion.

Implicit the functions of the parts a speech by questioning:

- What do we do in Introduction?

- What is included in Body?

2. Parts of a speech  Functions

- Introduction  : getting    people's    attention and  telling  them  what  you  are going to talk about

- Body  : Giving  details  in  easy–to–understand language

- Conclusion  : summing  up  what  you  have  said

3. Useful structures to deliver a speech



Greeting and introduction

-Good morning everybody, my name…

- It's my pleasure to be here with you today…

- I'm glad/pleased to talk to you today about…



- I  have  divided  my  presentation  into  three  main  parts: first, second, third…

- I will look at the issue from three points of view…


- To sum up…

- In summary,

- In conclusion


4. Examples about writing about Saving energy

4.1.Reducing garbage

Good  morning,  ladies  and  gentlemen.  Thank you  for  coming  here  today.  I'm  Professor Hung,  President  of  Friends  of  the  Earth.  I'm  going  to  tell  you  about  the  ways  of  reducing  garbage.

As   we   know   that   reducing   garbage   is necessary. We can reduce garbage by:

•  Collecting plastic bags

•  Not keeping solid waste with food waste.

Putting  different  kinds  of  waste  in  different places. I  hope  that  you  will  be  able  to find  the  most suitable way to reduce the amount of garbage we produce.


4.2. Reusing paper

Good  evening  everybody.  I'm  glad  to  be  here this  evening.  My  name  is  Nam.  I  come  from grade  9A.  I'm  going  to  talk  to  you  about  reusing paper.

There  are  three  ways  to  reuse  paper.  Firstly, we  should  have  a  separate  wastebasket  for wastepaper.  Secondly,  we  should  keep  sheets  with single printed page for drafting.  If  you follow these simple rules, not only will you save money, but also the environment will  be cleaner


3.3. Saving energy in the kitchen.

Hi  everybody.  It's  a  pleasure  to  be  here  with you today. My name is Tuan. Our topic today is ways of saving energy in the kitchen. Saving  energy  is  our  responsibility.  We  can save energy in the kitchen by:

•   Turning off the lights

•   Preparing food carefully before turning on the stove

•   Keeping  refrigerator door close.

If  you follow these simple rules, not only will you save money, but also the environment will be cleaner.

4.4 . A short passage about saving energy

As you know our energy has limitation so saving energy is also our duty. For me, we can save energy in the following ways.

Firstly,  to save energy we should turn off all  electric appliances such as lights,  fans , air conditioners, gas stoves when we don’t use them.

Secondly, we should turn off the faucets when we go out because a dripping faucet can waste 500 liters of water a month.

Finally, we should go to school or go to work on foot or by bicycle or use public transport to save petrol and money. We should also have a mechanic check our motorcycle regularly.

In short, saving energy is essential problem that we must do immediately now if we want to preserve our natural resource of the earth

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