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Thursday, 03 May 2012 18:59

An short essay about protecting our environment.

1. Some words about environmental problems

- Garbage dump (n): place where the garbage is stored.

- Deforestation  (n):  cutting  down  the  trees  in the   forest   for   some   purposes   such   as: farming, timber selling…

- Air   pollution   (n):   the   presence   of   dirty  substances in the air that we breathe.

- Dynamite   fishing   (n):   fishing   that   uses  explosive substances.

- Water pollution(n): the presence of harmful  materials that damage the water's quality.

- Spaying  pesticides  (n):  The  use  of  chemical  substances to kill insects on the farm.

2. An short essay about protecting our environment

Nowadays our environment is polluted seriously so protecting our environment is our duty. For me we can protect our environment in the following ways.

Firstly, we can use leaves to wrap food , reuse and recycle bottles and cans to reduce garbage

Secondly, we shouldn’t throw trash onto the water to keep water cleaner put garbage bins around the school yard to prevent lazy students from throwing trash and to keep the schoolyard clean.

Nextly, we should go to school or to work on foot or by bicycle to reduce exhaust fume to keep our air cleaner.

In conclusion, it’s time for us to talk about environmental problem