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Essay: Why do you like watching television?
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Essay: Why do you like watching television?

Essay: Why do you like watching television? - Nowadays,   media    has    become    very  popular in our life. In this lesson, we will write  about this interesting topic. What  kind  of  media  is  most  familiar  to you?  Which one is popular in The United States?

1. Important dates   The Media

8 th  century   - The Chinese invented printing

11 th  century  -   A Chinese printer invented movable type

1450s  - A  German,  Johannes  Gutenberg,  developed  movable  metal   type and the printing press

1650 -  A daily newspaper was published in Germany 1690  The   first   newspaper   in   America,   Public   Occurrences,  was printed and immediately banned.

1886 -  A comic book was created

1895 -  Marconi pioneered the use of radio waves for communication.

1929 -  Baird produced the first TV pictures

2. Some programmer on VTV

Folk Music: chuong trinh nhac co truyen

Cartoon: Phim hoat hinh

Literature and Art: Van hoc Nghe thuat

News: Thoi su

Safe  traffic  news:  Ban  tin  an  toan  giao thong

Dramara: kich

Documentary: Phim tai lieu

Health  for  everyone:  Suc  khoe  cho  moi nguoi

Children’s corner: Goc thieu nhi

Game  shows:  cac  chuong  trinh  tro  choi  tren truyen hinh:

Wheel of Fortune: Chiec Non Ky Dieu

The price is right: Hay Chon Gia Dung

Catch phrase: Duoi Hinh Bat Chu

Who wants to be millionaire?: Ai la trieu phu?

The road to the Olympia peak: Duong len dinh Olympia

3. What is your favorite media?

Nowadays there are a lot of media in life. Some likes reading newspapers. Others like accessing the Internet. For me I like watching television because of the following reasons.

Firstly, watching television gives us information about every aspect in our life. It helps us know what is happening everywhere all over the world and widen our knowledge .

Secondly, watching television is a cheap mean for relaxing .It’s comfortable to watch interesting film or listen to music at home.

Nextly, through watching television we can know how to protect our health thanks to health program for everyone.

In conclusion, watching TV is an useful form of relaxing. But we shouldn’t spend much time watching it we should take more time for our study.




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