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Essay: Telling a picnic to the countryside with your friends
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Essay: Telling a picnic  to the countryside with your friends

As  we  know,  narrative  writing  is  a  very  familiar  in  English.  In  this  period,  we  will further practise this kind of writing. This is an essay about telling a visit to the countryside for Student Grade 9 - Unit 3 - The  countryside.

Whenever we have free time, my class holds a picnic . Last Sunday I with my classmates had a picnic at my friend’s house, Lan in the countryside.

It was a fine day last Sunday. We went to Lan’s house by bike. All of us were five members. We started to go at 5:00 o’clock in the morning. It took us about an hour and a half to go her house.

When we arrived, Lan prepared everything carefully. Her parents were very happy when we came. I surprised that there lots of food on the table. I asked Lan who made and Lan answered her mother did.

After having breakfast, we played games “ What song is it” and “ blind man’s buff”. Then we went fishing in the river behind Lan’s house and went for a walk around . At noon we had lunch in the garden with bread, soft drink, snack and lots of kinds of fruits. We continued to enjoyed our picnic till the evening.

At 6:30 PM we hurried gathered things to go home. I enjoyed that picnic very much. It was short, however, it helped us very much . It helps me relaxed after a hard working week and know more about people and places of our country.





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