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Essay: Telling a visitor a trip to Ho Chi Minh city
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Essay: Telling a visitor a trip to Ho Chi Minh city

- Day la bai luan ke ve chuyen di tham thanhpho Ho Chi Minh .Bai van hay, bai van mau, baivan viet bang tieng Anh† - Have you ever gone to Ho Chi Minh City? Do you remember it, please tell me a visit ( a trip) to Ho Chi Minh city?

Every year my family have a visit to somewhere. Last summer was not exception. My parents took us to Ho Chi Minh city on Sunday .

Our journey started at about 4:00 AM on that day. My father hired a car to go because going by car was both faster and more comfortable.

Two hours later, we arrived in Ho Chi Minh city. The thing that surprised me was that there were too people and too much traffic on the streets. The buildings were high and beautiful.

First, †the driver took us to the zoo where there were animals, birds, fish and hippos, monkeys. Itís interesting to look at monkeys eating bananas. Then we went to Tao Dan botanical garden where there were lots of shadows . Itís comfortable to go for a walk there. After that we went to Reunification Palace where colonel Nguyen Thanh Trung bombed in 1975.While I was looking at interesting furniture in this building suddenly I heard a loud voice behind me , itís was my fatherís voice. He told that it was time to go home.

We hurried to return to parking lot. The driver took us come back home,. I arrived home at 6:00 PM .

I felt happy and enjoyed that trip very much. I hope I will have a chance to go to Ho Chi Minh city again some next summer.




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