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Sunday, 25 March 2012 04:28

Business Writing Clear and Simple

1. Introduction:

No matter how much technology advances, the skill of articulating clearly, effectively, and professionally will always be valued highly. One reason it is difficult to communicate well in writing is that the words you choose are not accompanied by inflections, tone, facial expressions, and body language, as they are quite naturally during conversations. In writing, these supplemental vehicles for meaning are replaced by format, punctuation, vocabulary, and grammar—aspects of writing that, to most of us, do not come naturally.

In the business world, what’s at stake isn’t just a miscommunication, it’s money. The ramifications for misinformation or a gruff tone result inevitably in slower productivity, fewer sales, and smaller profits. Within a corporation, the ramifications for unclear or indirect communication can rebuff your boss, misguide your coworker, or cause your own workload to increase. However, it also follows that successful writing—writing that is clear, descriptive, and to the point—can make a lasting impact on readers and empower individuals in the workplace. Business Writing Clear and Simple, a how-to book on effective business writing, defines the rules of business writing-including unspoken etiquette for how to handle more challenging situations— and clarifies them with real-life, illustrative

Because it is more and more common to conduct business on the Internet through e-mail, blogs, and websites, as opposed to in person, it remains highly advantageous that people know how to write well. E-mail, which at its inception seemed best used like a telegram—short, concise messages, containing abbreviations and sometimes only lowercase letters—is now used to communicate just about anything to anyone for any reason. For example, in business, e-mails are used to apply for employment, to write a thank-you note, to distribute meeting minutes,to request vacation time, to communicate in a collective setting, to hold individual exchanges, to place an order, to generate a receipt, to provide product support, and myriad other uses that were once achieved primarily through telephone calls and face-to-face interactions. Despite the wide use of writing in today’s world, learning how to master the skill of business writing doesn’t have to be a difficult or overwhelming task. Learn the essential rules of writing provided here. Think about your reason for writing and your audience. Reread what you write. And keep Business Writing Clear and Simple as a reference guide to consult when you encounter unfamiliar business contexts in the future. You’ll find that as time goes by, you’ll become more and more familiar with the logic of the rules of writing and find yourself referring less and less to the book. However, even the best writers can’t keep all the rules in their heads; the mark of a good writer is someone who consults writing guides and resources when in doubt. Business Writing Clear and Simple is designed to:
?    boost writing confidence and skills
?    provide practical tips for a successful and positive writing style
?    offer readers a wide array of business writing samples
?    explain grammar rules in simple terms
?    allow members of today’s diverse workforce to sharpen their skills
?    save companies time, money, and energy
?    help starter businesses make a professional first impression
?    enable small, medium, and large corporations to communicate clearly
?    be the first comprehensive and cohesive business writing guide of its kind

Business Writing Clear and Simple will help students about to enter the workforce, established professionals, government agencies, educational departments, corporations of all types and sizes, colleges and universities, new businesses, and more. Each of these audiences needs to be a partner in the practice of professional business writing. This book will help you achieve a mutually successful professional relationship through effective communication. It is every organization’s gift to itself and to its employees. It is also an invaluable tool for any individual who wants to succeed in business and needs to know how to write more productively.If you are a new college graduate, read Business Writing Clear and Simple from cover to cover.

It will outline all the letter-writing business basics that you will need to get started down a successful career path. It will also provide you with real-world examples of winning letters, and will offer standardized formats for you to follow to ensure effective communication. You will find helpful tips in each section that will serve as reminders about what needs the most focus. It is imperative to understand the rules of the road in business writing—and you will stand out very quickly if you can express yourself well. A commander in the U.S. Navy offers this golden rule: “Remember the ‘Fourth Law of Thermodynamics’: Heat applied to you is heat not applied to me.” This book will take the heat off you by arming you with all the tools necessary to do your best writing and make a powerful impression!  Business Writing Clear and Simple is also a precious resource if you are an established professional. As many people advance in their careers, they find that they don’t have extra time to look up rules in large volumes. And they certainly don’t have the time to pore over letters that drone on endlessly about nothing in particular. They need clear, concise writing. This book provides solutions for all those issues: It takes you back to the basics with your thinking. It is a concise, compact wealth of information that allows busy professionals a quick refresher and reference guide. Companies will benefit from using Business Writing Clear and Simple in the workplace. It will give their employees quick access to uniform writing skills that will help them communicate effectively, both internally and with their clients. It will also help reduce the number of mistakes, which take time to correct and end up costing the company money. We know that time equals money in business. So, rather than spend valuable time enveloped in online research, employees can pick up this quick reference guide and readily find answers to many common writing questions.

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