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Sunday, 17 July 2011 05:19

Speaking in Real English - Lesson 6: Introducing People, Introducing yourself

1. Introduction:

This is a lesson for beginner to Practice Speaking English through short interviewing in street, park, offices... to many people which has vernacular voice. This lesson is designed by Video Clips , it is useful for Beginner to study English.

In Lesson 6 - http://englishgoonline.com will help you answer the question " How do you spell your name? " Review The Alphabet, including the alphabet chart and 10 people spelling their names

- Introducing Yourself and Introducing Others
I think it is good lesson for you.!

2. Watch Video for This Lesson

What's your name? Can you spell it? Where are you from? - 2011 Update.

This is just so much fun,? very spontaneous and all the people seem so happy. Makes me feel like going out in the sunny pretty days in my city with a camera and a microphone and interview the billion tourists that come here evry year.

3. How to use This Lesson:

You should learn From Lesson 1 to lesson 58.

Step 1 - First time, Watch the video without subtitles. Listen to the Video and use Skimming - Listen to to have main Ideal. Note the tounge, Please answer my question:

- " What is subject of this Lesson?"

- "What are saying about?"

- After this lesson, what can you write down on Note - book?

Step 2 - Come back to this page.
Step 3 - Watch the video with English Subtitles.
Step 4. If People speak fast in video, you press the Pause button .

Problems? See support or ask your question here.

Thanks for Watching this Clip from http://englishgoonline.com

Thank for real-english.com and youtube.com which help me to have series of lessons

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