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Sunday, 17 July 2011 04:50

Speaking in Real English - Lesson 4: What's your favorite color?

1. Introduction:

This is a lesson for beginner to Practice Speaking English through short interviewing in street, park, offices... to many people which has vernacular voice. This lesson is designed by Video Clips , it is useful for Beginner to study English.

In Lesson 4 - http://englishgoonline.com will help you answer the question " What's your favorite color? "

- Vocabulary about colour: pink, red, green,...,

I think it is good lesson for you.!

2. Watch Video for This Lesson

3. How to use This Lesson:

You should learn From Lesson 1 to lesson 58.

Step 1 - First time, Watch the video without subtitles. Listen to the Video and use Skimming - Listen to to have main Ideal. Note the tounge, Please answer my question:

- " What is subject of this Lesson?"

- "What are saying about?"

- After this lesson, what can you write down on Note - book?

Step 2 - Come back to this page.
Step 3 - Watch the video with English Subtitles.
Step 4. If People speak fast in video, you press the Pause button .

Problems? See support or ask your question here.

Thanks for Watching this Clip from http://englishgoonline.com

Thank for real-english.com and youtube.com which help me to have series of lessons

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