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Tuesday, 28 February 2012 20:23

How to describe a teacher who taught  you in Primary school

Topic - Describe a teacher who has greatly influenced you in your education.

In this topic , You should say some main ideals:

+ where you met them?
+ what subject they taught?
+ what was special about them?
and don't forget explaining why this person influenced you so much?

Example 1.
I think my first English teacher has greatly influenced me in my education.
I had some trouble in studying English when I studied in middle school. I felt
English was very difficult,so I did't like to study it .One day, my English
teacher spoke to me about the study of foreign languages . He said :" You must do a lotof reading , listening and speaking . Never mind, keep on trying, I believe you are a good student." In the years that followed , I studied hard and made greater progress. My English teacher loved his job and he was knowledgeable in his field. I love and respect him.

Example 2.

I did. She was my teacher my junior and senior years. I was just changing my life around at that point and becoming a good student when I had been a really troubled student in years past. She didn't look at my past and she encouraged me to succeed in my future. She believed in me when other teachers didn't give me a chance.

I will be graduating college in 11 months after attending for 6 years. I will be a teacher as well and I hope I can influence and have an impact on students like she did. I think most didn't expect me to graduate high school at the rate I was going and now I will graduate college with high honors! I know that teacher didn't expect anything less.

Example 3.

Actually this year, my sophomore English teacher influenced me a lot. She took the time to get to know us, she was super friendly, had creative lessons planned for us, and just a joy to be around. She was a really good English teacher and I actually learned a lot more than I ever have in English class before! I was extremely sad to leave her! I still think about her every day since school was out last week. I wrote her a really long, heartfelt thank you letter and gave her a gift card to her favorite restraunt! I will never forget her!

Example 4.

The teacher who influence me most is my Chinese teacher in my primary school.It in my six grade when she was transfered to my school.she was a middle-aged woman with big eyes and gender smile.Actually I did not pay much attention on her coz I was a nobody in my class and I never expect her preference at all.

But she was,like kindhearted and treat everyone equally in the class.She adopt many measures to encourage us to answer questions and discuss our own views with her in the class.My passion to study seems like to be promoted and I took up my interest to Chinese.The maginfest breakthrough took place after a composition competition.Actually I did not participated in it at first but she persuade me to and said I standed good chances to display my talents.I was convinced and the result is ,like incredible,I win the first place in the contest! What a big surprise! This is the first time I got a sense of fulfillment?No doubt the first people I should thank was my Chinese teacher.without her,there is no possibility for me to make it!

From then on,I felt more confident and more willing to study coz the experience of success is so enjoyable that I graped every chance to win it.I really feel grateful for my Chinese teacher and we still keep in touch now.I lover her.

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