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English Pronunciation Made Simple

1. Introduction:

English Pronunciation Made Simple is designed to help students develop pronunciation skills and overcome pronunciation problems when speaking English. We understand how frustrating it is to have someone say, “ I can’t understand you because of your accent.” We know that student of English as a second language may be afraid  to use certain words because they are difficult to pronounce. Many students avoid words  like “rice” and “ berry”, for instance.. English Pronunciation Made Simple gives students the fundamental understanding of pronunciation – And the confidence they need – so they no longer have to avoid certain words and phrases. Most important, students don’t have to be misunderstood by other people.
English Pronunciation Made Simple can be used either as a classroom textbook or as a comprehensive program for self –study. It is organized so that any academic schedule can be accommodated, making it ideal for use as a course textbook. However, English Pronunciation Made Simple may also be used independently, by students who want to be better understood in English. Presented in cleared, easy – to – understand terms, the materials in this book is accompanied by an audio program that enables  students to maximize their learning outside of the classroom.

English Pronunciation Made Simple is divided into tree parts :
+ Part1: Vowels
+ Part 2: Stress, Rhythm and intonation
+ Part3: Consonants.
Each part contains a series of brief Lesson, and each lesson presents one or two specific pronunciation point
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English Pronunciation Made Simple




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