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English 7: - Unit 1: Back to School - A. Friend - A1 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 March 2011 13:07

English 7: - Unit 1: Back to School - A. Friend - A1

A. Listen, Then practise with a partner

a) Ba: Hello, Nga
Nga: Hi, Ba. Nice to see you again..
Ba: Nice to see you, too.
Nga: This is our classmate.
Her name’s Hoa.
Ba: Nice to meet you, Hoa
Hoa: Nice to meet you, too.

b) Hoa: Good morning. My name is Hoa.
Nam: Nice to meet you, Hoa. My name’s Nam.
Are you a student?
Hoa: Yes. I’m in class 7A.
Nam: Oh, so am I.

a) What is the new girl’ s name?
b) What class is she in?
c) Who is also in class 7A?

2. Read. Then answer the question

Hoa is new student in class 7A. She is from Hue and her parents still live there. She lives with her uncle and aunt in Ha Noi.
Hoa has lots of friends in Hue. But she doesn`t have any friends in Ha Noi. Many things are different. Her new school is bigger than her old school. Her new school has a lot of students. Her old school doesn`t have many students.
Hoa is unhappy. She misses her parents and her friends.

Where is Hoa from?
Who is she staying with?
Does she have lot of friends in Ha Noi?
How is her new school different from her old school?
Why is Hoa unhappy?

English 7: - Unit 1: Back to School - A. Friend

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