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English 7: - Unit 3: At home - Hoa's Family - B1 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 March 2011 16:50

English 7: - Unit 3: At home - Hoa's Family - B1

B1. Listen, Then practise with a partner
Lan: Tell me about your family, Hoa?
What does your father do?
Hoa: Hes a farmer. He works on our farm in the countryside. He grows vegetables and raises cattle.
Lan: What about your mom? What does she do?
Hoa: Shes always busy. She works hard from morning till night. She does the housework and she helps on the farm.
Lan: Do they like their jobs?
Hoa: Yes, they love working on their farm.
Lan: Do you have any brother or sister?
Hoa: I have a younger sister. Shes only 8. Here is a photo of her.
New words:
countryside (n) =
mi?n qu
raise (v) = nui
cattle (n) = gia sc
busy (adj) = b?n r?n
till = untill ( adv) = cho ??n khi
housework (n) = cng vi?c nh
housewife (n) =n?i tr?
job (n) = ngh? nghi?p
photo (n) = t?m hnh


Link to download This Lesson Plan designed by Power Point (* ppt , * pps) . Click here
English 7: - Unit 3: At home - Hoa's Family - B1

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