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English 7: - Unit 3: At home - What a lovely home - A1 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 March 2011 16:19

English 7: - Unit 3: At home - What a lovely home - A1

A. Listen, Then practise with a partner

HOA : What an awful day !You must be cold ,Lan . Come in and have a seat .That armchair is comfortable .
LAN :Thanks .What a lovely living room !Where are your uncle and aunt ?
HOA : My uncle is at work and my aunt is shopping .Would you like some tea ?
LAN :No,thanks .Iím fine .
HOA : OK. Come and see my room .
LAN : What a bright room !And what nice colors !Pink and white .Pink is my favorite color. Can I see the rest of the house ?
HOA : Of course.

HOA : This is the bathroom .
LAN : What a beautiful bathroom ! It has a sink ,a tub and a shower.
HOA :Yes , itís very modern . Now come and look at the kitchen .Youíll love it

LAN : Wow ! What an amazing kitchen ! It has everything : washing machine , dryer, refrigerator ,dishwasher, electris stove Ö
HOA : Yes,Itís very convenient . How about a drink ,Lan ?Would you like some orange juice ?
LAN : What a great idea ! Iíd love some .

English 7: - Unit 3: At home - What a lovely home - A1

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