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English 7: - Unit 7: The World Of Work - A Letter From America - A2 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 April 2011 16:16

English 7: - Unit 7: The World Of  Work - A  Letter From America - A2


A2. A Letter from America

June 1st
Dear Hoa,    
Hi! How are you? I’m fine. Thanks for your letter. I like hearing about how students live in Viet Nam. I find it really interesting.
I think you have fewer vacations than American students. Is that true? Our longest vacation is in the summer. Do you have a long summer vacation, too? We don’t have a Tet holiday, but we celebrate the New Year on January 1st . Our most important vacations are Easter, 4th of July, Thanks giving and Christmas. We usually spend time with our families on these vacations.
What other vacations do you have? What do you like doing during your vacations? Please write soon and tell me.

Your friend,

A3. Listen.

1. American students have the longest vacation in the winter
2. American students don’t have a Tet holiday .
3. Their most important vacations are New Year’s Day and Summer vacation.
4. American students usually spend time with their families on vacations.
5. Vietnamese students have fewer vacations than American students.

New vocabulary :
- Independence Day (n) : Ngày Qu?c khánh
- 4th of July (n) : Ngày Qu?c khánh n??c M?
- New year`s Day (n) :Ngày T?t D??ng L?ch (N?m m?i)
- Easter (n) :L? Ph?c sinh
- Christmas (n) : L? Giáng sinh
- Thanksgiving (n) : L? T? ?n
- Tet holiday ( n ) : T?t Nguyên ?án
- spend time (v) : dành th?i gian
- public holiday (n) :ngày l?
- turkey (n) :th?t gà tây
- fireworks (n) :pháo hoa
- gift (n) :món quà


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Giao an Dien Tu - English 7: - Unit 7: The World Of  Work - A  Letter From America - A2

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