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English 7: - Unit 6: After School - Let's go! - B1 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 April 2011 14:19

English 7: - Unit 6: After School - Let's go! - B1

B1. Listen. Then answer True (T) or False (F)?
Ba: What should we do this evening?
Nam: What about going to the movies?
Lan: There arenít any good movies on at the moment.
Letís go to my house. We can listen to some music.
Hoa: Iím sorry Lan. I canít come. I have too many assignments.
Nam: Hoa! It is Sunday tomorrow. Why donít you relax?
Ba: Come on. Letís go to Lanís house.
Lan: Are you going to come, Hoa? Itíll be fun.
Hoa: OK. Iíll come. Thanks.
Nam: Great! Now youíre learning to relax.

Now answer:

a. What does Nam want to do?
b. Why doesnít Lan want to go to the movies?
c. What does Lan want to do?
d. Why doesnít Hoa want to go to Lanís house?
e. What day is it?
New vocabulary :


Link to download This Lesson Plan designed by Power Point (* ppt , * pps) . Click here

English 7: - Unit 6: After School - Let's go! - B1

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