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English 7: - Unit 6: After School - What do you do - A1 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 April 2011 13:44

English 7: - Unit 6: After† School - What do you do - A1

B2. Listen. Then practice with a partner.
Minh: Hello, Hoa. What are you doing?
Hoa: Hi, Minh. Iím doing my math homework.
Minh: You work too much Hoa. You should relax.
Itís half past four and tomorrow is Sunday.
Hoa: OK. What should we do?
Minh: Letís go to the cafeteria and get a cold drink.
Hoa: Good idea! Where is Ba? Do you know? Letís
invite him, too.
Minh: Oh, Ba is in the music room. Heís learning to
play the guitar. He practices everyday after school.
Hoa: Minh, what do you usually do after school?
Minh: I usually meet my friends.
We often do our homework together.
Hoa: Do you play sports?
Minh: Oh, yes. I play volleyball for the school team. We always need more players. Why donít you come along?
Hoa: Yes, maybe I will. I enjoy playing volleyball.

I. T/ F statements prediction
a. Hoa is doing her English homework.
b. Minh wants to go to the cafeteria.
c. Ba is in the living room.

d. Hoa likes playing volleyball.
New vocabulary :

- relax (v):th? gi„n
- invite (v): m?i
- practice (v):luy?n t?p
- together (adv): cýng nhau
- team (n): ??i
- maybe (adv): ců l?


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Giao an dien tu English 7: - Unit 6: After† School - What do you do - A1

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