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Everyday English - Unit 3 - What did you say to meet an old friend ? PDF Print
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Everyday English - Unit 3 - What did you say to meet† an old friend ?

1. Introduction:

In daily communication, sometimes you meet someone you have not met long ago. What† would you say to that person tries to remember you . How to ask polite about old friend 's information . When someone can not remember you, what did you say† to the† old friend† in English . And this lesson, You can learn how to rent an apartment.

2. Let's Watch Video: Unit 3:

3. Let's Learn to Dialogue in Unit 3

Unit 3 - What did you say to meet† an old friend ?
- Hey, Is that Bill?
- Yeah
- Do you remember me?
...From school
- Iím sorry. I donít remember you
...Did we study together?
- Yes, and we lived in the same dorm too
- Really?
- What floor did you live on?
- I lived on the 9th floor, you lived on the 7th floor
- Thatís right. How did you know?
- I would see you in the elevator sometimes
- Iím sorry I donít remember you.

- Itís alright. Itís 7 years ago
- Well, any way, itís nice to meet you again, uhm
- Monica
...Monica Sale
- Right. See so you do remember me
- So where do you live now?
- I live in an apartment
- Do you live with your parents?
- No, my parents moved to the country
- Oh, they must be very happy there
- Yes, they enjoyed it very much
- So do you live alone?
- No, I share the apartment with an old friend
- Really? A friend?
...Is it a boy friend?
- No, sheís an old friend from school
...weíve know each others for many years
...How about you Bill, where do you live?
- Oh, I rent an apartment. Iím by myself
- Do you like it there?
- Yeah, but itís kind of noisy
- Maybe you should complain with your neighbor
- Oh, no. Iím the one who makes the noise

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4. Link download Unit 3 :

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6. File . doc for this lesson and Guide to learn this lesson

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