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Everyday English - Unit 2 - Which hotel did you stay at? PDF Print
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Everyday English - Unit 2 - Which hotel did you stay at?

1. Introduction:

This is a series of Communicative English Lesson for Pre - Intermediate Learners . In today's lesson , Englishgoonline.com will help you how to tell about your nationality; citizenship. To introduce about being granted American citizenship; to acquire American citizenship

2. Let's Watch Video: Unit 2:

3. Let's Learn to Dialogue in Unit 2

Unit 2 - Which hotel did you stay at?

- Who did you go with?
- I went with my father, my mother and older sister
- Do you have a house at the beach?
- No, we stayed at the hotel
- Which hotel did you stay at?
- Itís called the Imperial
- Have you stayed there before?
- Yes, weíve been going there for years
- It must be very nice
- Yes, itís very nice and not too expensive

- Did you play in the water?
- Yes, I went swimming and rowed the banana boat
- How about your older sister?
- She does not like the water
...She likes to sit on the beach and read a book
- What do your mother and father like to do?
- They like to eat in the restaurant
- How long was your vacation?
- 3 or 4 days
- And will you go there again next year?
- Of course

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4. Link download Unit 2 :

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6. File . doc for this lesson and Guide to learn this lesson

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