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Unit 8: Some Common English Idioms about "Vegetable" (P. 1 - Video) PDF Print E-mail

Unit 8: Some Common English Idioms about  "Vegetable"  (P. 1 - Video)

1. Introduction:

Unit 8: Some Common English Idioms about  "Vegetable" - How do you understand about feeling blue about not understanding idioms? Expand your informal English knowledge with this lesson. These are all common expressions and phrases that use the colour blue. In Unit 8, http://Englishgoonline.com will help you learn how to use Common English Idioms that include “Vegetable” word  in daily communication. They are  English Idioms . Such as: Spill the beans Vegging out.  Full of beans, Couch potato., Without a bean, Carrot and stick, All carrot and no stick ,To know your onions,  In a bit of a pickle, A hot potato, Like two peas in a pod, As red as a beetroot,  As cool as a cucumber

2. Let's Watch Video: Unit 8:

3. Let's Learn Using English Idioms in Unit 8

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