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Unit 1: - How to Make a phone call PDF Print E-mail

Unit 1: - How  to  Make a phone call

1. Introduction:

Communicative English 2 : Unit 1: - Making a phone call Today, http: //englishgoonline.com will help you to learn How to make a phone call in communicative  English, Now :
1. Prepare yourself in advance. Write on a piece of paper the following things:The phone number of the person you will dial. The name of the person you are calling.Things that you need to discuss.
2. Practice making calls.
3 . Lift the handset and listen for a dial tone. Cordless phones will require you to press TALK. If you are using a headset, place it on your head.
4. Dial the number. Ten digit dialing is in effect in most of the world, so be sure to include the area code. If you are in a large building, you will most likely need to dial 9 or 0 for an outside line.
5. Reward yourself direct after the phone call. Reward yourself after the call by eating your favorite snack, movie night, etc. This will link pleasure to using the telephone and give you something to look forward to.

2. Let's Watch Video: Unit 1:

3. Let's Listen to Dialogue 1

Unit 1: Making a phone call

Dialogue  Unit 1 - How to Make  a phone call
- Hello?
- Good morning. Is Albert there?
- This is Al
- Al, this is Bob
...What are you doing?
- Bob, I’m sleeping
... What time is it?
- It’s 8 am
...It’s time to rise and shine
- Huh, Oh no. I’ll be late for work

- No, no, no. Today’s Saturday
...You don’t have to work today
- Oh, Saturday.
...That’s right. No work today. How it’s good
...Hey, are you free today?
- Oh, today is Saturday.
...Yeah, I’m free

- Would you like to do something together today?
- Oh, That sounds good
...What do you want to do?

- I don’t know
...What do you want to do?
- Well, I don’t know, either

- Why don’t you come to my house?
...And we’ll think of something.
- Ok. I’ll be there in about an hour

- OK. See you later

- See you, Al.

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