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Thursday, 26 May 2011 06:47


Learning English: Lesson 3: How to say " Please" and " Thank you" in English

In today's lesson, http://englishgoonline.com is  going to talk all about saying " please" and " thank you" in English Conversation.  In this lesson, we will look at 2 actions, which many of us do,  although maybe not as often as we should.  Today we  will talk about saying " Please" and "Thank you"

1. Saying "Please"
We ussually say "pleased" when asking for something, or as apolite (nice) way of saying yes to an offer.
- Pleased can I watch some TV?
- Can I please go out to play?
- May I Please leave the room?
- Could I please have some icecream?
- Would you like  some icecream? - Yes, please
- Do you want somthing eat? - Yes, I would  please!
- Can I offer you a cuo of coffee?  - Oh please that would be great!
The word please canbe used to show satisfaction and pleasure.
- I pleased with my new house. This job pleases me.
- Your music gives me pleasure.
- I ' m very pleased to meet you.

From those few examples you can see that  "please" and " pleasure" and closely related in origin  but are some time used in completely different ways.
If something makes you pleased, youcan say that you feel: Uplifted, Perked, Chuffed, gladdened, Overjoyed, over the moon.

2. Saying "Thankyou"

The action of saying " thankyou" is seen as themost polite way of showing how grateful you are for receiving some thing or as a way of acknowledging anact of kindness. We say " thank you" to show our appreciation. By saying 'thankyou" . you show your gratitude.
- You express your appreciation.
- You acknowledge the kindness.
- You return the generosity
- You offer your sincerrest thanks.
- You are grateful.
There are many to say "thank you":

- Thank you? Thank you very much.
- Thank a lot/ Thank you so much.
- Thanks a bundle. / You are too kind
- Thanks ever such a lot. / Cheers!
- Ta very much.

* Somtimes we may express surprise and joy. as well as showing our thanks.
- Wow how kind...../ thank you!
- That's good of you  / cheers!
- I don't know what to say..../ thanks a lot!
- I am overwhelmed... / thank you so much
- What can I say ? / You are the best!
- Thank you very much!? This present  is so nice! / Oh you shouldn't have!


Saying 'thank you'  is the best way to show your gratitude to another person. It  is a polite thing to do.  To acknowledge someone's kindness is a nice thing to do. Ans dont forget kindness creats more kindness. I hope. Well that is all froom me for today. May I offer you my sincerest thanks for watching me , teaching you.

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