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English Story For Kids : 2. Goldies locks and theThree Bears PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 20 March 2011 17:13

English Story For Kids : 2. Goldies locks and theThree Bears

This is a story for children to learn the words English. They are designed by animaitions with tag *. swf. To play them. Using Flash Player 10 on your Computer. To download them you should use IDM or Flash Catcher . I think this is the best way to help your Kids to learn English.

Goldies locks and theThree Bears

This story is about a girl who's name is Goldie Locks, because of her gold locks of hair. There are also three bears. One day they made some porridge but it was too hot to eat. So they decided to go on a walk. One day Goldie Locks was walking in the woods and she saw a small house. She discovered that there was nobody home so she walked right into the house. At first she saw a bowl of porridge. It was just sitting on the table. It was too hot. So she moved on to the next bowl. It was a medium sized bowl. It was too cold. So she moved on to the next bowl. It was a small bowl. So she tried some. It was just right so she ate it all up. Then she was so went upstairs. She was so tired so she went upstairs and found three rocking chairs. She sat in the first one. It was too hard. Then she sat in the second one. It was too soft. Then she moved to the next chair. It was much smaller than all of the other chairs. It was just right. She sat there for a while and then she was so tired that she went into the beds. The biggest bed was too hard. She went to the medium sized bed. It was too soft. Then she went to the next bed, the smallest of them all. It was just right for her and she fell asleep in it. Suddenly the three bears come back and they find that someone has been eating their porridge. Then they go upstairs and see that somebody has been sitting in their chairs. Then they go to their beds and see that someone has been sleeping in their beds, and the little bear sees Goldie Locks sleeping in his bed. She woke up and ran out of the house because she was so scared of the bears. .

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English Story For Kids : 2. Goldies locks and theThree Bears

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