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Introduction Communicative English Learning Program On Television PDF

Introduction Communicative English Learning Program On Television For Vietnamese Beginner

1. Introduction  about " Learn English T.V"

Communicative English Learning Program  (Elementary)  on Television will give you series of lessons at all events about each  daily - common conversation . It consist of 37 lessons. It  will help you to have good communication skills . Each program has a structure as follows:

Section 1: - Introducing: Introducing the language functions and grammatical phenomena.

Section 2: - Practice listening comprehension: Listen to the conversation and exercises to strengthen listening comprehension skills.

Section 3: - Speaking: Types of exercises to help you practice saying the sentence structure is important.

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2. Table of contents:

Please, click to each link to go to the lesson. I think you will be happy and fun this lessons on http://englishgoonline.com

Unit 1: Pleased to meet you
Unit 2: Enjoy your stay

Unit 3: What time is it?
Unit 4: Second on the left
Unit 5: Are you married?
Unit 6: He didn’t write
Unit 7: Come to lunch
Unit 8: This is my brother
Unit 9: The Most Beautiful Home
Unit 10: What’s the matter?

Unit 11: Let me help
Unit 12: The Day After Tomorrow
Unit 13: What are you doing tomorrow?
Unit 14: Are there some Kangaroos?

Unit 15: A Big Grey One

Unit 16: What would you like?
Unit 17: I usually cat a bus

Unit 18: There’s a message for you
Unit 19: I haven’t found him

Unit 20: You walk sadly
Unit 21: Single or day trip?
Unit 22: Look after yourself
Unit 23: If I were you
Unit 24: The Most Expensive Wine
Unit 25: How many prawns?
Unit 26: I thought I saw him
Unit 27: It’s made of gold
Unit 28: You should relax
Unit 29: I need a wok
Unit 30: First Peel the Prawns
Unit 31: That was delicious
Unit 32: He says he knows my brother
Unit 33: Who wants to know
Unit 34: You were going too fast
Unit 35: This is the house
Unit 36: I had to find a job
Unit 37: You should ring your parents

3. Link download  from Youtube :

Table of contents
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