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Monday, 21 March 2011 14:13

How to teach English for Kids by songs

Songs – if you use the right sources – can be of great help in language leaning, in any language, for babies, toddlers, kindergarteners or schoolchildren (or even adults).

If you listen to songs, you can get a lot: your child can get accustomed to the rhythm, the grammatical structures can stuck in their head, they can learn new vocabulary. Music can create an athmosphere (it’s suitable for soothing energetic kids, or the other way round, to cheer up tired or shy ones). It’s suitable for making routines fun (for example washing hands belongs to this category in our house). Music can motivate, and it can make learning fun and enjoyable. As children learn through action, you can combine movement with a lot of songs – kids will love it! It can help in deepening their knowledge, if you listen to background music while doing something else (e.g. drawing). You can use a given song as a transition (indicating the following second language session, or the end of these).

You can find super simple but very enjoyable songs on the Super Simple Songs CDs, which are made by language teachers. Devon, Troy and Tanja teach children English in Tokyo, Japan and they create songs and other materials themselves to make learning more fun. They share a lot of ideas with those who visit their website. There’s a fourth member of their group, Jeremy, who helps create their videos. Join in the fun:

A fun game, if you teach little kids, try it (works with family members too ):

And this one for cleaning up:




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