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English Grammar- Lesson 1.1. How is the word order In English Sentence PDF Print
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English Grammar-  Lesson 1.1. How is the word order In English Sentence

1.1.   Sentence word order

1.1A:  The basic word order of an English Sentence

The meaning  of an English sentence depends  on the word order.

1:We put the subject before the verb and the object after the verb:

Ex: - The cook| burnt| the dinner.

2: Adverbials( How?, Where?, When?) usually come after the verb or after the object:

Ex: - He need  the note quickly. (How?)

- I waited at the corner (Where?) till 11.30. (When?)

3: The basic word order of a sentence that is a question or a command is usually:














a hat




The children

have gone







our meal

in silence.




4. We also put the time reference at the beginning:

Ex: - Yesterday I bought a hat.

1.1B: The forms of a sentence

1 A sentence can take any one of four forms:

- A statement:

The shops close/don’t close at tonight.

- A question:

Do the shops close at 7 tonight?

- a command

Shut the door. / Don’t shut the door

- an exclamation

What a slow train this is!


2:When we write a sentence, we must begin with  a capital letter and end with a full

stop (.), a question mark (?) , or an exclamation mark (!).

If there are quotation marks (‘….’) or (‘…’) around spoken words in a sentence, we put other punctuation marks ‘inside’ them:

Ex: ‘I’m tired,’  she said. (Not ‘I’m tired’, she said. *) [>15.1A – B]

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