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Express Review Guides- Grammar and Usage

1. Introduction:

Express Review Guides- Grammar and Usage - Necessity  is  the  mother  of  invention - Our  earliest  ancestors invented  language  out  of necessity and the need to improve their quality of life. It could not have taken long for early humans to come to detest the endless aggravation of  not  being  able  to  get  their  points  across  to  others  around  them.  The adage  Necessity  is  the  mother  of  invention held  true  then,  as  it  does  even today, as the complexity of our world increases. Our language constantly evolves in order to adapt to our needs and to maintain and improve our quality of life. It doesn’t happen overnight, though, and it didn’t back then either, but the evolution of language is like clockwork — its change is unswerving.
English is complex, but luckily, it comes with a user’s manual—grammar and usage—a voluminous set of rules and guidelines that helps you make sense of the many intricate and dynamic parts of our language. And while you may be studying grammar right now in school, figuring out the inner workings of sentence structure and writing can be fun and challenging. The benefits of your efforts will especially be rewarded in your writing.
You  write  more  often  than  you  think.  Essays,  notes,  e-mail,  lists—all require writing, just in different formats. Sometimes, what you write requires you to be more formal, and you have to follow certain guidelines for etiquette. At other times, your writing may resemble some kind of code or language  that  your  friends  understand  perfectly  well,  but  that  an  English teacher would have nightmares about. That’s okay. Really. Flexibility is the key, and knowing when and where to use proper English is important. No one  expects  you  to  be  a  walking  grammar  book,  but  having  a  grounded understanding in the whys and hows of English will impact your spoken and written communication skills forever. If you make a concerted and consistent effort to apply some of the skills you have learned in this book, you will create  good  habits—habits  that  will  stay  with  you  when  you  write  term papers, a letter of introduction to a prospective employer, and perhaps even an acceptance speech for a prestigious award. All of these scenarios hinge on someone understanding and appreciating what you say and how you say
it, whether written or spoken.
This book will equip you with the basic tools you will need to build an essay that is clear and logical and that you can be proud of. It also includes the following helpful hints and exercises to help you further develop your writing skills.
- Fuel for Thought: critical information and definitions that can help you learn more about a particular topic
- Inside Track: tips for reducing your study and practice time—without sacrificing accuracy
-  Practice Lap: quick practice exercises and activities to let you test your knowledge
The chapters, which include lessons, along with examples and practice questions, are meant to be read in order, so the lessons build upon themselves as you read. Here’s a brief description of each chapter, so that you get an idea of the flow.

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