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Unit 5: Describing people and Describing things PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 27 December 2011 15:01

Unit 5: Describing people and  Describing things

1. Introduction:

In this lesson, http://englishgoonline.com will help you to talk about describing  people and describing things in English. In this part, you are going to learn about the most common ways used to talk about other people and things in English using English adjectives with the situations in conversations. In English, adjectives are used to describe color, material, shape, size, amount, price, quality, origin, personality, weight, temperature, weight, age, direction, etc.

Trong bai hoc nay, cac ban hoc cah mieu ta nguoi, do vat bang ca tinh tu trong tieng Anh, cac ban se hoc cach noi tieng anh de nhat de mieu ta mo cai gi.

2. Let's learn Unit 5:

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Unit 5- Unit 5: Describing people and  Describing things

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3. Dialogue 1: - H?i tho?i

Dialogue 1:

LAWRIE:  What's the new supermarket like?

SHOPPER 1:          Big.

SHOPPER 2:          It's good.

SHOPPER 3:          Marvellous. It's cheap. It's very cheap.

Dialogue 2:

LAWRIE:  What's the new supermarket like?

SHOPPER 4:          It's large.

SHOPPER 5:          Spacious.

SHOPPER 6:          It's very modern.


Dialogue 3:

LAWRIE:  Alan*, tell me more about the new supermarket.

(*Alan là tên g?i c?a ông Giám ??c. ?ây là cách g?i thân m?t.)

MANAGER:  Well, it's bigger than the old one, of course. It's 3,000 square metres.

LAWRIE:  What about the old one?

MANAGER:  Oh, it was about 1,500 square metres. This one's twice as big.

LAWRIE:  Is it cheaper than the old one?

MANAGER:  Oh, yes, it's cheaper and better. And it's more modern…and more

convenient than the old one.

4. VOCABULARY (t? v?ng)

Supermarket [ 'su'p?ma:k?t ] Siêu th?

Convenient [ k?n'vi:ni:?nt ] Thu?n ti?n, ti?n l?i

Good-looking [ gud'luki? ] ??p, ??p trai

Marvellous [ 'ma:v?l?s ] K? di?u, tuy?t di?u

Spacious [ 'spei??s ]   R?ng l?n, r?ng răi

He's dark and slim   [ hi:z da:k_?n 'slim ] Anh ?y có b? tóc màu ?en và dáng

ng??i m?nh kh?nh.

It's better/bigger than the old one   [ its 'bet?/ 'big? đ?n đi:_'?uld w?n ]  Nó t?t h?n/to h?n cái c?.

It's more modern than the old one  [ its 'm?: 'm?d?n đ?n đi:_'?uld w?n ] Nó hi?n ??i h?n cái c?.

It's twice as big [ its 'twais_?z 'big ] Nó l?n g?p ?ôi.

It's 3,000 square metres [ its '?ri: '?auz?nd 'skw?? 'mi:t?z ]     Siêu th? có t?ng di?n tích 3.000 mét vuông.

She's got fair hair and blue eyes     [ ?i:z g?t 'f?? 'h??r_?n 'blu:_'aiz ]    Ch? ?y có b? tóc vàng hoe và ?ôi m?t xanh.

Tell me more about it   [ 'tel mi: m?:r_?baut ?t ] Hăy k? cho tôi nghe thêm v?…

What's it/he/she like? [ w?ts_?t(h)i:/?i: 'laik ] Cái/anh/ch? ?y nh? th? nào?

What about the old one?    [ 'w?t_?baut đi_?uld w?n ] Th? c̣n siêu th? c? th́ sao?

What does he/she look like?    [ 'w?t_d?z (h)i:/?i: 'luk laik ]  Anh/ch? ?y trông nh? th? nào?


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