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Unit 10 : Buy a pair of shoes at the Shoe Shop PDF Print E-mail

Unit 10 : Buy a pair of shoes at the Shoe Shop

1. Introduction:

Unit 10 : Buy a pair of shoes at the Shoe Shop - Strolling down the streets of New York, you can go to the†† Shoe Shop to buy† an† expensive pair of shoes, making them a household name. Having a pair of Alex Pettyfer shoes, a pair of James Franco shoes,a pair of Ben Barnes shoes may not make you look like him, but they can make you feel oh so cosmopolitan. But on the average boy's budget, Taylor Lautner are out of reach. Below are some tips on finding them at more reasonable prices.

2. Let's Learn to Dialogue in Unit 10:

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Unit 10 : Buy† a pair of shoes at the Shoe† Shop
- Hi. Those shoes are lovely ...can I see them?
- Which one do you like?
- That Act are looks really cool
- The black ones
- The black ones
- They are quite lovely, imported from Italy
- Iíve been to Italy
...How much are they?
- These shoes are $80
- $80. Thatís so expensive
- Not so expensive ...Only $40 for one shoe
- Do you have another pair of black shoes?
- This pair is only $20
- Why are these shoes so much cheaper?
- Because theyíre made here
- Made here? What about the quality?
- The quality is very good. ...These shoes will last a long time
- How about $15 for the pair?
- Oh, Iím sorry. Not enough. $18
- Iíll give you $16
- Ok. For you special price , $16
- Would you like a bag?
- No, thatís Ok. Thanks anyway ...Iíll wear them

3. Let's Watch Video: Unit 10:

4. Link download Unit 10 :

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6. File . doc (. pdf) for this lesson and Guide to learn this Unit 10

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