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Unit 9 : Talking about travel by† train

1. Introduction:

Unit 9: Talking about travel by† train - They was talking† about the cost of travelling in America, and mentioned that trains are usually used by the locals instead of airplanes. It takes longer to travel by train, but it's more comfortable and cheaper, and you feel less like a tourist. On the other hand, I realized that I was rarely confident in encouraging non-English speakers to take the train. So this is a summary of taking a train from Chicago to New York.

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2. Let's Learn to Dialogue in Unit 9:

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Unit 9: Talking about travel by† train

- Bob, do you take train often?
- Yes, Al. Almost everyday

- Almost everyday. Thatís a lot
- I enjoy the train ...Itís very convenient

- I see
- And itís the fastest way to travel across town
- Are there many people on the train during rush hour?
- Well, there are many people in the morning before work...and there are many people in the evening after work
- What about other times?
- At other times, no, not so many people
- There is never a traffic jam?
- On a train? ...thereís never any traffic jam
- Thatís good
- The fastest way to travel
- You know, I think itís faster than driving a car
- And the train is not very expensive
- Hey, Bob. Look at that sign !
- The University? Uh oh!
- Weíre waiting the wrong train...Weíre on the wrong platform
- Yes, on the wrong platform
- So now, what do we do?
- Well, we can take a taxi
- Taxi is good
- Yes, taxi is good
- Letís take a taxi
- And we wonít waste our time waiting for the wrong train

3. Let's Watch Video: Unit 9:

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