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Unit 6 : Talking about checking restaurant bill PDF Print E-mail

Unit 6 : Talking about checking  restaurant bill

1. Introduction:

Unit 6 : Talking about checking  restaurant bill - Why is a restaurant bill called a "check" (as in "Check, please!")? How do you say about checking a restaurant bill? How much dose it cost? Have you eve forgot your money in a restaurant? In this lesson, http://englishgoonline.com will give you some advice on checking restaurant bill . This applies to cheque (bank cheque / bank check), but the meaning in a restaurant bill is a different sense of "check".

2. Let's Watch Video: Unit 6:

3. Let's Learn to Dialogue in Unit 6

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Unit  6: Check please

- That was a good breakfast

- Yes, it was

- Are you full?

- I’m very full

- You ate a lot

- I was so hungry
... I could have eaten a horse

__ ___


- Good thing is that we didn’t go to the race track

- That reminds me
... What are we going to do today?

- Let’s go and see a movie

- Let’s pay the bill first
... Then we’ll go see a movie

- Ok. We’ll see a movie

- Wanita, check please

- Ok. Just a moment

- Would you like to pay together or separate?

- Oh, my good. I forgot my money

- That’s Ok
... I have enough

- Together, please

- Ok. The total for breakfast is $10.30

- My aunt usually gives me a 50% discount

- Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot

... That would be $5.15

- Here $7
...You can keep the change

- Really? Keep the change?

- Yes, it’s tip for you

- Thank you, Al

- Thanks, Al

- I’ll pay you back when we get to an ATM

- Don’t worry
... Just breakfast

- I’ll get lunch

- Are you sure?
... I eat a lot

- I forgot about that

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