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Unit 4 : How to talk about Breakfast Recommendation PDF Print E-mail

Unit 4 : How to talk about Breakfast Recommendation

1. Introduction:

Unit 4 : How to talk about Breakfast Recommendation - In this lesson, http://englishgoonline.com will help you to learn how to talk your breakfast. You've heard 2 men talk about  their breakfast on video. What about you? We'd love to hear about your breakfast!. Now , please answer some questions about this lesson:
- What do you have for breakfast?
-  What time do you have breakfast?
-  Where do you have breakfast?
-  Who prepares your breakfast?
- Do you like breakfast?

2. Let's Watch Video: Unit 8:

3. Let's Learn to Dialogue in Unit4

Download .mp3 file for this lesson.

Unit 4: What do you like to eat for breakfast?

- I like a large breakfast

- I like a large lunch

- A large lunch makes me sleepy

- Any way, what do you recommend for breakfast?

- Pancakes are good

- Pancakes. Delicious. What else?

- Do you like eggs?

- Yes, I like eggs

- Oh, You could have some scrambled egg with toast?

- Or a sunny side-up egg? Yummy!

- Or sunny side-up? Right!

- Or Omelet?

- I love omelet

- Cheese omelet, ham omelet, vegetables omelet

- Uhm, Mixed fruit.

- That’s right

- And fruit has many vitamins, too

- What else?

- What else?

- You can have a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin

- Muffin and a cup of coffee. Sound good!

- So do you know what you want to get ?

- Yes, I do and thank you for your recommendations

- You’re welcome

- So what will you get?

- A hamburger

- A hamburger?

- Yes, and ice cream

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4. Link download Communicative English  lessons -  Unit 4 :

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6. File . doc for this lesson and Guide to learn this lesson

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