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100 Lessons Communicative English For Beginner

Unit 10 : Buy a pair of shoes at the Shoe Shop PDF Print E-mail

Unit 10 : Buy a pair of shoes at the Shoe Shop - Strolling down the streets of New York, you can go to the   Shoe Shop to buy  an  expensive pair of shoes, making them a household name. Having a pair of Alex Pettyfer shoes, a pair of James Franco shoes,a pair of Ben Barnes shoes may not make you look like him, but they can make you feel oh so cosmopolitan. But on the average boy's budget, Taylor Lautner are out of reach. Below are some tips on finding them at more reasonable prices.

Unit 9: Talking about travel by train PDF Print E-mail

Unit 9: Talking about travel by  train - They was talking  about the cost of travelling in America, and mentioned that trains are usually used by the locals instead of airplanes. It takes longer to travel by train, but it's more comfortable and cheaper, and you feel less like a tourist. On the other hand, I realized that I was rarely confident in encouraging non-English speakers to take the train. So this is a summary of taking a train from Chicago to New York.

Unit 8: Giving us a skewed perception of car age PDF Print E-mail

Unit 8: Giving us a skewed perception of car age - Like dogs and fine wine, cars age differently than humans, giving us a skewed perception of car age. But now there's a formula to tell us how old your car is in people-years.
There's a simple formula for calculating this (a formula I invented). Take the mileage on the car's odometer and divide by the model year. The result is your car's age if it were a person.

Unit 7: What to say when you meet an old friend? PDF Print E-mail

Unit 7: What to say when you meet an old friend? - Greeting, asking about his or her information, What else.  In this lesson, http://englishgoonline.com will show you some ways often say in communicative English conversation. Such as :' What do you like to do on the weekends?', ' What is your favorite sport or team? ', 'Have you seen any good movies lately? Where did you get that great outfit?',  "Have you ever been to???'  If you could take a vacation any where in the world where would it be? Do you have a pet? Tell a good joke. Tell a good story about something funny that happened to you.

Unit 6 : Talking about checking restaurant bill PDF Print E-mail

Unit 6 : Talking about checking  restaurant bill - Why is a restaurant bill called a "check" (as in "Check, please!")? How do you say about checking a restaurant bill? How much dose it cost? Have you eve forgot your money in a restaurant? In this lesson, http://englishgoonline.com will give you some advice on checking restaurant bill . This applies to cheque (bank cheque / bank check), but the meaning in a restaurant bill is a different sense of "check".

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